Saturday, December 30, 2006

Fat Momma is the Bomb!

Fat Momma!If anyone has noticed (and I doubt they did) but Fat Momma has skyrocketed to the top of my Friends list. I did this today as I thought of all the people on last year's reality show "Who Wants To Be a Superhero," Fat Momma had the most inspired message.

Not all of us can be top athletes, genius thinkers or the best at everything. Her message surrounding this dilemma was "be happy with yourself". There are many "real life superheroes" and "celebrity super heroes" that are making a difference. Very few, in recent years, have had the inspirational opportunities that Fat Momma has, and done so much with it! I want to publicly thank her for her inspired message and courage for being a very non-typical inspiration in a very judgmental world.

If you wanted to check out more of Fat Momma, head over to her website at Thanks, Fat Momma!

Friday, December 29, 2006

Finding My Way

Young Avengers

There are many avenues and ways to contribute to The Age of Superheroes. Recently, fate took a moment to remind me of my original path. I had been a contributor to an amazing watering hole called The Hero Coalition. While I found my time their invaluable, I have recently refocused on projects more in line with my personal mission goals. I would encourage everyone to take a moment and ask yourself, "Am I fulfilling my mission in life in the best possible way?" Whether that is through patrolling your cities, helping the helpless or proving your civic pride in other ways, I know we all need reminders to stay on task and I would be amiss if I did not take my current course correction as an opportunity to help you remember. Are you doing what you set out to do? Are you proceeding as you hoped to proceed?

Serious questions and only you know your answers. Good luck in your individual journeys. Stay safe and watch out for each other.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Now That's Service!

Most patrols are quiet. Maybe I’m not aggressive enough. I tend to want to protect the good people and the good areas. Maybe that’s selfish. I want to patrol public entertainment areas ... Mill Avenue, Tempe … the worse I ever really get is Grand. The highways is where I get to actually help people who are pulled over, broken down, alone in the dark. Its satisfying.

Tonight, I had an interesting change up. Ever so often, a driver will be hell bent on killing someone and/or himself by driving recklessly. Tonight was one of those nights and it was clear this was a drunk. I wasn’t on patrol, per se, I was with my wife and we were headed to dinner. None the less, I followed the drunk at a judicious distance and called it in. This was the amazing part. Less than a minute later, a patrolman pulled next to me. I flashed my brights, flipped on the overhead so he could see me and motioned to the drunk driver. The cop raced around me and picked him up. Wow! Like a minute later. Cool.


Now, I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal. I guess for me it was. It was a … change in the world … it made a difference. I feel badly the guy got a DUI but imagine how I would have felt had he killed himself, or worse, someone else. It felt great. What would it be like, if everyone took that small initiative? What a great place it would be. At least for driving. What else can we change, if we all take it as our responsibility to protect someone … anyone?

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Real Life vs. Super Powered!

We're just volunteers, folks!I think a lot of effort goes into clarifying people’s misconceptions about what we do. Real Life Super Heroes are just volunteers, charity workers, neighborhood watchmen. There. Plain and simple. The mundane labels are on the table. Maybe people can identify with that and not get so alarmed. I am starting to feel comfortable telling extended family what I am doing, i.e., applying for the show and applying the persona to my community. It’s the community part that scares them a little. I guess I can’t blame them. It’s too tight a rope to walk between what I’m really doing and what a comic superhero would do.

And you know, its funny, the more I think about it, the more the costume becomes a symbol. I imagine my first costumed patrol will be in broad daylight, police being the first hands a shake, and fliers in hand, reminding people to be vigilant, to protect their own, to have “The Heart of a Hero”. The work I do … well … we’ll have to see how much of it is best for the costume. I definitely want to wake people up, but in the right way. I would feel terrible if I scared some poor old lady out of her wits, so highway patrols seem non-costumed. I guess I’ll work it out when I get my rig. That is if I don’t get on the show.

If I do get on the show, it becomes even easier. Citizen Prime becomes property of … someone at Who Wants To Be a Superhero.

Speaking of which, the concept of a super powered Citizen Prime is … how shall I say this? A freakin’ blast! Okay, let me start form the beginning. I sat down and thought fo the real world things I want to accomplish and the real world talents, skills and delusions (lol) I have about my life. Well, I do want everyone to take up the cross, as it were, and be inspired to be a superhero to their kids, to their families, to their world. I want to find a way to find these people and deliver that message. I also fancy myself somewhat of an empath. If not a genuine psychic then an astute judge of human nature and human “systems of thought.” So … super-size those and you get

Sketch 1 notes
Citizen Prime. He is a superhero. His power is, he can make you one too! The super powered Prime finds potential superheroes and primes them, activating their powers. Along with this, he can see into the hearts of the potentials and know if they have the Heart of a Hero. Honestly, I love it.

Creating the super powered Citizen Prime is the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time. Of course, there is more to it. The suit has to be explained, with its archaic lines (it was built by an armorer, you know). So the suit, and in fact, the hero, comes from a long line of Primes that date back to the medieval ages. His Battle Rod (the Arma 100) replaces the swords of old and technology is added is new gear makes him faster, stronger … better able to keep up with his super powered apprentices. I say apprentices as he can’t just super power someone and walk away. He has to train them. Prepare them to stand against the forces of injustice and all that stuff.

Even at this stage I can tell it looks pretty original. It is a little Prof Xavier, but he has teeth. He can stand toe-to-toe with the best of them. Kind of like Batman and Prof. X had a love child. Citizen Prime. The first of this generation of heroes. And the last Prime on earth.

I think he should inherit his powers from the previous Prime. Maybe when one Prime activates another, the power transfers, leaving the progenitor normal once again. Then his final mission is to train the new Prime in everything he was taught. Passing the lineage down through time, continuing the Prime Line.

I’m still working on stuff, but those are the basics. Maybe after auditions, I’ll post the whole thing. This is going to be fantastic. I love it when life leads me in the right direction. I'm enjoying the ride.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Be Prepared To Be Amazed!

New Logo sm

While I continue to patrol, hopefully inspire, and help organize the hero movement, I think it's important to share updates on how my rig is progressing. Every little thing seems to take so much focus; from the Citizen Prime logo to the under armour to the actual armor. I think I have my logo exactly as I want it and I have to thank one of my fellow superheroes, Kampfhund, for his invaluable partnership in co-creating this iconic image with me. I posted this image of my symbol on the Under Armour that I will wear as part of my rig. I have my boots and greaves taken care of. I went with a athletic boot and greaves model, instead of just boots to afford me a maximum ability when out on the street. The chest, back, thigh, and shoulder armor is all being simultaneously constructed as is the leather/steel helmet and protective gauntlet/gloves. I am choosing to add a cape, however, I am designing it in such a way as to keep it out of my way, when necessary, and allow me to use it for concealment or additional protection when required, as well. My utility belt, while I have been playing it loose and fast up till now, will undergo a legal review to see what is legal to carry in my state and city of Phoenix, AZ. Without being too specific, I currently carry one set of handcuffs, a "bunch" of a Ziploc ties for various purposes, cell phone, passport (better than a driver's license, in case I get overpowered and bad guys take it - no address and if I report it lost its basically useless for travel), cell phone, an ARMA 100, stun gun, pepper spray, video camera, lighting, and 20 bucks. I also carry my license in my car as well as many other things but those are the mainstays on my "utility belt"

In my new image I maintained the January 5 deadline for the launch of Citizen Prime. I still think that's a realistic goal. Until then, I'll continue to patrol, inspire people where and how I can through medium and continue to play whatever part I can in organizing the community, and providing resources for other heroes, if I am able.

So, to those who have gone before me and to those who will follow after, I say this. Heroes and superheroes are real and they patrol the streets of our fair cities. They come in all shapes, sizes and demeanors but the one thing they have in common, is the need to help. I salute those who are currently out there. And I ask those who have not yet made "the leap" to consider all the options available to you as a private citizen to help take back the streets of your city, your neighborhood, your world. Join hands with your family, your friends, your community and if everyone who considers this only takes back their street or their block from the bad element, what a safer and more joyful world it would be for the kids on that street and for the people on that block to live in.

Superheroes exist. The dawn of a new age is upon us. Be prepared to be amazed.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Starting the Prototype

First there was the prototype, dug from the military future soldier models, Citizen Prime was going to be a model of high tech efficiencies. Then? Too dark. Too intimidating. Can you imagine that black all over, killer motorcycle helmeted rider approaching you? You’d shoot him if you had a weapon. So, then something more … Alex Ross … iconic yet functional. Real world yet stylin’. The prototype changed dramatically and with that, life opened up to provide a way to make it.

I found an armorer, Greg Podgorny, who was a huge comic book fan. In fact, he was good friends with Jack Kirby, co-creator of Captain America – my favorite superhero (a sign?). I talked with Greg and we worked out a design and price (ouch!).

I am thrilled with the concept we came up with. My design to his real world armor experience. I think we’re going to have something great. Can’t wait. The completion date is January 5. It seems like an eternity. Until then, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Full costume concept

Thursday, September 21, 2006


The Superhighway

Tothian and many other RLS are stepping up to try and help with more sophisticated communication tools and I think this is great. I have some expereince with this and see this as a growing interest in the community. Be that as it is, I'd like everyone interested in this to ask themselves two things. One, who in the rls community has experience running boards or websites like this? And two, if we are suffering from lack of experience in this, would we want some seasoned guidance?

If 'no one' and 'yes' are the overall answers to the questions above, please take the initiative and contact me. I can and will help get something 'real' going. Blitz, Tothian and others are are scrambling to make a difference here and I have some unique experience that can contribute.

Its important to say, I'm not trying to create another brand of something others have been working on. If I could caution everyone on one thing and one thing only, it would be running off in different directions. The last thing we need is everyone proposing something new. I'm trying to help unify the many people who see a need. Hopefully, a combined effort will lead us to a quality platform and a connected community.

Why even create a tool? Don't we have MySpace and Frappr? First, I feel its important to create a virtual Hall of Superheroes where we control access. I want someone (or a council of someones) to have some control over who gets to read what. Forums are great for this as are rl chat systems like TeamSpeak. I believe this would lead to better communication and better trust over allowing us to put things out there and ask for help without feeling like we are being watched or monitored. If this was not already obvious, I'm sure there are least a few law enforcement folks watching the super hero movement on MySpace.

Like Tothian, I'm not so much concerned about leading this effort as much as contributing. I can offer my significant experience in this and hopefully that can make a difference. My experience? I led one of the top City of Heroes portals for over a year (forums, roster, news, live chat, all that junk) and, as my secret identity, I have created and managed a business website that maintains a forum (for three years) as well as host and present at conferences (7 years).

So if you would like, coordinate through me, or if there is a solid movement, I'll give input if invited. I'll gladly do whatever I can to get something 'quality' up and and running if this is something people want to see.

I realize not everyone in our community is a team player (and thats just fine). We do need to unite on this, however, and get behind a process that has us coming together - not leading off in different directions.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Throwing My Helmet Into The Ring

I mentioned in an earlier blog I was doing two things. The first was finding ways to define and coalesce my contributions to society into a form people can get a handle on. Real life super heroism seems like the perfect solution.

The second thing constantly on my mind in auditioning for the show Who Wants To Be a Superhero. A lot of people have very strong opinions about the show. Most the field guys, like Superhero and the like, seem to have a negative opinion of it. I’m not quite sure why. Perhaps they think it is a mockery of what is happening in their world. Perhaps they think it’s a joke. I can’t help but feel this show and its message, though hidden in a reality show, is truly what I am after.

What better way to spread the message that we can all stand up and be heroes in our communities, our cities, our sphere of influence, than provide a source of inspiration? What better way to inspire than to be on the show delivering the message to millions of people. I can’t imagine a better opportunity. It has always felt like the right thing to do.

Media is media. What were we inspired by, but comics. The ones we read as kids. The ones we read today. Finally a show has taken the elements of modern society and melded it, albeit in a pioneering effort, into a delivery mechanism for an appreciative audience. And it worked!


I thought Feedback and Fat Momma were very inspirational. And Fat Momma was her own first convert! By her admission, she thought the comic superhero thing was a lark. But here she is, delivering an exceptionally valuable message to the masses.

Yes, Who Wants To Be a Superhero is the gold ring. I hope I’m good enough.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

This One Time In The Men's Room

So many avenues and so many choices. Life has a funny way of showing us which road to choose. Many say its not the easiest. In a way, that’s wrong. I find when I am doing what I am suppose to be doing; living the life I am suppose to be living, life is, in fact, easy. Everything falls into place, lights turn green in long strips of open road, people open doors, opportunities arise like coy fish in a pond.

Two avenues seem to open in tandem. The first one, fired by my hardwiring. I am meant to help people. I know that. I do. When I can.

An experience that happened today. I was shopping for costume stuff (what else?) and had to hit the head. While in the men’s room, a kid, a gang banger, came busting in. I glanced over, sized him up. He was jumpy, nervous, calculating. I watched him but smiled. Always be polite. I washed my hands and walked out of the men's room. Slight shock! Eight guys were standing in the hall, waiting for … guess who. I chuckled. To catch a thief. I was there with my wife. Eight guys seems enough to take down one gansta', so we walked out the front door.

Suddenly, there was yelling. A huge ruckus and commotion erupted behind us. I turned. The little thief was getting away! He eluded all eight guys and had a healthy lead! Running full bore, he bumped past my wife. Instinct made me grab him and ... throw him against a cement planter box. Ouch! Need to watch my aim. Stunned, he tried to rise. The eight guys dogpiled him and were telling him to stay down … relax … they were putting the cuffs on. Someone shook my hand. I gave him a passing, "Your welcome," as I scanned the parking lot. Sure enough, the thief yelled for a buddy to come save him. I thought I better stick around and see what his friend looked like. Or better yet be ready for a drive by. The kid must have been hopped up as the eight (yes, eight) guys were having trouble cuffing him. Telling my wife to stay back, I applied a nasty (and system jarring) ankle lock on our screaming, struggled thief. They got cuffs on him. They gave me a gift certificate for my help. Funny. I didn't quite know whether to say no thanks or what. I think people have a need to show their gratitiude.

At the end of that event, one thing occurred to me. Helping secure the thief seemed perfectly natural. I wish I was around to help more situations like that.

So I am meant to help people. But I’m not that special. We all are. Its just a matter of waking up and realizing that. Its like digging a well. It has to be primed. People are like that. There is so much heroism in each one of us. It just needs to be primed.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Season One, Down. Season Two, Here We Come!

I finished watching Who Wants To Be a Superhero. I couldn’t stand to miss a single episode. In fact, I watched the reruns. What is it about that show? Its a rhetorical question. I’ll tell you.

Its pretty obvious. Who Wants To Be a Superhero? Who DOESN’T want to be a Superhero? The list would be much shorter. That is, if you dig down deep, down past the adult talk, past the fear of what co-workers would say, past all that, most the boys would find ourselves under the kitchen table playing with a Captain America action figure … maybe Captain Kirk … but the point is, we all thought that was attainable. What a fantastic show!

I typically can’t watch reality TV. It’s the celebration of dysfunction. But every so often something comes along that reverses the trend. This is a show about celebrating the good things about people. Oh, it has all the hallmarks of reality TV. Catching people being able to laugh at themselves. Comedy works. That’s great. After the show, many blogs, comments on MySpace, interviews with the contestants showed that, indeed, that was the case. Things were said, like, “I’ve never seen a cast of competitors who bonded together and helped each other so much!” Of course! These were people who cared enough about those dreams we all had to carry them with them through life and arrive here. These people are heroes, or rather, they have the Heart of a Hero. They found a way to bring it out. I love it!

I wish I would have known about the show. If they have a season 2, I must be on it!

Who Wants To Be a Superhero Cast

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First "Official" Patrol

Phoenix Nights

I went on my first “official patrol” tonight. I must say official as its really something I’ve always done naturally. Now, I just have something to call it. Ever since high school, I’ve driven around, checking things out, stopping if there was a situation. I’ve always been out there. It just never had a name. Now it does and I do. Citizen Prime. The first of many primed citizens to come. Go ahead. Laugh! You have to laugh. Its fun. Even patrolling is a blast. I have no idea where to go, what to do or where needs “patrolling.” Its just fun driving around, stopping, walking for a bit, back in the car, etc.. Just making sure things were as they should be, at least appeared that way.

It gives you time to think. Its very meditative … eye opening. I’ve always been told I was fairly empathic. Many times, sitting in the airport, I watch people and look just behind there eyes and try to see who they are. Abraham Lincoln said every man (and I’ll assume woman) is responsible for the look of their face after 40. What I think he meant by that is, the way we carry ourselves, the things we do, they … inhabit … us and make us who we are. They make us what we look like. I thing that’s true. Or true enough to see what’s behind the masks people wear in public.

When on patrol, driving past people who think they are alone, you don’t get that mask effect as much. You see another level … sometimes …. behind the mask. I mean its just them on the street, right? No one else is watching. Right? There are a lot of people in need on the street. A lot of sad people. A lot of disconnectedness. Presumably a lot of sick people, too. I heard 80% of the homeless population was mentally ill. So, I’ll be out here. I’m not going to climb up a building and jump down on crack dealers. That’s not what I’m about. I’ll watch and help, as I can, for now. Eventually, I want to make a real difference. What’s the biggest and best way to do it though. That’s the question. Regardless, tonight was fun.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Can You Make a Difference?

Liberty for all!

I’ve been looking at the online real life superhero community for a while now. Tonight I talked to a member called Superhero over the phone. The name pretty much says it all. He is out there, in costume, patrolling, with police … well, not sanction, but at least tolerance … It was a great chat. Fired so many thoughts. What would it be like to apply my persona to the real world.

This is actually a possibility. The Guardian Angels … I’ve chatted with them … to many politics already. Too much structure. What if I want to help in my way? Neighborhood Watch? Well, truthfully, I’ve always kind of done that. I can’t help it. Driving down the road, my eye naturally wanders to broken down cars, people who might need a hand. I circle back to kids who seem to be arguing, husbands yelling at their wives or, worse, their kids. So sad. So, that’s just me. How could I bring that perspective to others. Superhero seems to be doing a great job. He is open, friendly, wears a cape. Life imitates art. I love it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Would You Become a Hero?


Its amazing that after referencing real people doing hero work, after doing more research, I discover that people are actually walking the streets patrolling, keep crime at bay. Its later than I thought! The hero revolution has already begun and I’m late! So what ways would someone take to become a crime fighter?

Who Wants to Be a Superhero. Twelve joe-schmoes put on costumes and compete in contests of super hero character tests; bravery, self-sacrifice, etc. So one avenue would be join the show and insist you are a real superhero. That would definitely be a twist. After the show, win or lose, leverage the show to become a “name” and off you go. Bonus: If you win, they make a comic out of you. Life and art mesh …

Of course, heading to the streets, full regalia, is an option although there is no … how shall we say it … quality control. Any fanboy ... and lets face it, they would be the first out there on the street. No Batman, no Captain America, even Doughboy would be a vast improvement over what most these idealistic, reality challenged youth would be. So, what to do? Well, setting up an Assembly of Heroes would be the best bet. You could implement training, a headquarters of sorts, and have association with other groups. Most important among them, law enforcement agencies.

Remember, those who take crime fighting as a street hero seriously, should take training just as seriously. Use of force, criminal law, communications and other areas of law enforcement should be seriously studied under professional tutelage. Not to mention hand-to-hand street fighting.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Is It Finally Time For Heroes?

Batman Unmasked

There is more than a cyclic interest in heroes, be they of will, strength or passion. We are increasingly obsessed with the heroic and always searching hopefully for the super heroic. The number of comic hero movies and series keep increasing and logic dictates that our demand is driving this obsession … but what social obsession drives that demand?

Eventually, the inevitable will happen. Sometime, some thing will trigger the continually pervasive theme in our cultural mind’s eye and life will start to imitate art. We are already giving cultural permission to allow classic heroes among us? They are rough, transitional, uncomfortable but they are here as the forbearers of greater things to come.


Spandex would never be common place … would it? French studies have shown that athletic performance is markedly enhanced when athletes wear compression tights. It forces blood back from the extremities and muscle compression conserves kinetic energy increasing athletic performance, a hallmark attribute of heroes.

Technology could lend a hand. Recently, Olympic downhill skiers started using a cloth containing a fluid compound with hardened silica that becomes rigid when struck violently, such as a high speed skiing accident.

This protection only works when the suit is tightly fitted to the body. Taken to extremes, is flexible bullet resistance around the corner?

And the last barrier of “normal” humans being classic style heroes is crime prevention laws, including self defense and defense of others legal issues. Yet the laws are surprisingly balanced, at least on paper, when it comes to these factors. Violence is discouraged, yet stopping crime is not. Even up to and including non-lethal force applied in a citizen’s arrest for crimes being committed.

As long as the would be defender of life and liberty follows specific guidelines, he could theoretically do much to prevent criminal activity, just by their presence even if not actively engaged in stopping it. Already the Guardian Angels have spread across the nation as a positive force in stopping crime.

So what’s left to prevent someone from becoming a hero. Passion? Commitment? Super powers? Are the powerful among us and if we give them permission, would they work in service to the community perhaps as a group of heroes. Possibly even with police sanction? I think its time. Time to discover the age of the superhero.


To be continued …

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Prime: Introduction


This is a work somewhere between dizzying hyperbole and rampant reality. It will consist only of real elements of my life, however, I choose not to distinguish between mundane and fantastical. For those who "get it", this will be a view of the world that should be, according to me. For those who don't, this will be full of ... barely believable facts and must-be-whoppers.

What is to be gained from observing / listening / watching / reading such a holistic view of reality? Well, perhaps you can start to see how your flesh & bones, paycheck & paid bills, and politics & parties can fuse with vision & imagination, legend & myth and the quasi & psuedo. Maybe you can start to look beyond the pink - phone - last - movie - jerk - at - work - hot - girl - cute - guy - nice - pants - reality - show - hate - Bush - love - Wendy's view of life and -- wait! -- don't throw any of those babies out with their bathwater - pour them into your real life. The real life that exists just beyond your tongue because you don't dare say it and just beyond your eyes, as you've lost the ability to see it when someone your trusted said, 'Time to grow up.' And perhaps you were even the hachetman, cutting away someone's lives because you couldn't see them as they did; maybe you told someone what is real and what is not and thought you were right (don't worry, all will be forgiven later).

So, what is to be gained from this? For now, suffice to say, we have many lives. Right here. Right now. Respect your brain, heart and soul like you do your body and let them live out their destinies. Free your mind, Neo. Live the lives you were meant to live and I'll be your Primer by documenting mine.