Sunday, November 12, 2006

Be Prepared To Be Amazed!

New Logo sm

While I continue to patrol, hopefully inspire, and help organize the hero movement, I think it's important to share updates on how my rig is progressing. Every little thing seems to take so much focus; from the Citizen Prime logo to the under armour to the actual armor. I think I have my logo exactly as I want it and I have to thank one of my fellow superheroes, Kampfhund, for his invaluable partnership in co-creating this iconic image with me. I posted this image of my symbol on the Under Armour that I will wear as part of my rig. I have my boots and greaves taken care of. I went with a athletic boot and greaves model, instead of just boots to afford me a maximum ability when out on the street. The chest, back, thigh, and shoulder armor is all being simultaneously constructed as is the leather/steel helmet and protective gauntlet/gloves. I am choosing to add a cape, however, I am designing it in such a way as to keep it out of my way, when necessary, and allow me to use it for concealment or additional protection when required, as well. My utility belt, while I have been playing it loose and fast up till now, will undergo a legal review to see what is legal to carry in my state and city of Phoenix, AZ. Without being too specific, I currently carry one set of handcuffs, a "bunch" of a Ziploc ties for various purposes, cell phone, passport (better than a driver's license, in case I get overpowered and bad guys take it - no address and if I report it lost its basically useless for travel), cell phone, an ARMA 100, stun gun, pepper spray, video camera, lighting, and 20 bucks. I also carry my license in my car as well as many other things but those are the mainstays on my "utility belt"

In my new image I maintained the January 5 deadline for the launch of Citizen Prime. I still think that's a realistic goal. Until then, I'll continue to patrol, inspire people where and how I can through medium and continue to play whatever part I can in organizing the community, and providing resources for other heroes, if I am able.

So, to those who have gone before me and to those who will follow after, I say this. Heroes and superheroes are real and they patrol the streets of our fair cities. They come in all shapes, sizes and demeanors but the one thing they have in common, is the need to help. I salute those who are currently out there. And I ask those who have not yet made "the leap" to consider all the options available to you as a private citizen to help take back the streets of your city, your neighborhood, your world. Join hands with your family, your friends, your community and if everyone who considers this only takes back their street or their block from the bad element, what a safer and more joyful world it would be for the kids on that street and for the people on that block to live in.

Superheroes exist. The dawn of a new age is upon us. Be prepared to be amazed.