Sunday, December 3, 2006

Real Life vs. Super Powered!

We're just volunteers, folks!I think a lot of effort goes into clarifying people’s misconceptions about what we do. Real Life Super Heroes are just volunteers, charity workers, neighborhood watchmen. There. Plain and simple. The mundane labels are on the table. Maybe people can identify with that and not get so alarmed. I am starting to feel comfortable telling extended family what I am doing, i.e., applying for the show and applying the persona to my community. It’s the community part that scares them a little. I guess I can’t blame them. It’s too tight a rope to walk between what I’m really doing and what a comic superhero would do.

And you know, its funny, the more I think about it, the more the costume becomes a symbol. I imagine my first costumed patrol will be in broad daylight, police being the first hands a shake, and fliers in hand, reminding people to be vigilant, to protect their own, to have “The Heart of a Hero”. The work I do … well … we’ll have to see how much of it is best for the costume. I definitely want to wake people up, but in the right way. I would feel terrible if I scared some poor old lady out of her wits, so highway patrols seem non-costumed. I guess I’ll work it out when I get my rig. That is if I don’t get on the show.

If I do get on the show, it becomes even easier. Citizen Prime becomes property of … someone at Who Wants To Be a Superhero.

Speaking of which, the concept of a super powered Citizen Prime is … how shall I say this? A freakin’ blast! Okay, let me start form the beginning. I sat down and thought fo the real world things I want to accomplish and the real world talents, skills and delusions (lol) I have about my life. Well, I do want everyone to take up the cross, as it were, and be inspired to be a superhero to their kids, to their families, to their world. I want to find a way to find these people and deliver that message. I also fancy myself somewhat of an empath. If not a genuine psychic then an astute judge of human nature and human “systems of thought.” So … super-size those and you get

Sketch 1 notes
Citizen Prime. He is a superhero. His power is, he can make you one too! The super powered Prime finds potential superheroes and primes them, activating their powers. Along with this, he can see into the hearts of the potentials and know if they have the Heart of a Hero. Honestly, I love it.

Creating the super powered Citizen Prime is the most fun I’ve had in a long, long time. Of course, there is more to it. The suit has to be explained, with its archaic lines (it was built by an armorer, you know). So the suit, and in fact, the hero, comes from a long line of Primes that date back to the medieval ages. His Battle Rod (the Arma 100) replaces the swords of old and technology is added is new gear makes him faster, stronger … better able to keep up with his super powered apprentices. I say apprentices as he can’t just super power someone and walk away. He has to train them. Prepare them to stand against the forces of injustice and all that stuff.

Even at this stage I can tell it looks pretty original. It is a little Prof Xavier, but he has teeth. He can stand toe-to-toe with the best of them. Kind of like Batman and Prof. X had a love child. Citizen Prime. The first of this generation of heroes. And the last Prime on earth.

I think he should inherit his powers from the previous Prime. Maybe when one Prime activates another, the power transfers, leaving the progenitor normal once again. Then his final mission is to train the new Prime in everything he was taught. Passing the lineage down through time, continuing the Prime Line.

I’m still working on stuff, but those are the basics. Maybe after auditions, I’ll post the whole thing. This is going to be fantastic. I love it when life leads me in the right direction. I'm enjoying the ride.