Friday, November 3, 2006

Starting the Prototype

First there was the prototype, dug from the military future soldier models, Citizen Prime was going to be a model of high tech efficiencies. Then? Too dark. Too intimidating. Can you imagine that black all over, killer motorcycle helmeted rider approaching you? You’d shoot him if you had a weapon. So, then something more … Alex Ross … iconic yet functional. Real world yet stylin’. The prototype changed dramatically and with that, life opened up to provide a way to make it.

I found an armorer, Greg Podgorny, who was a huge comic book fan. In fact, he was good friends with Jack Kirby, co-creator of Captain America – my favorite superhero (a sign?). I talked with Greg and we worked out a design and price (ouch!).

I am thrilled with the concept we came up with. My design to his real world armor experience. I think we’re going to have something great. Can’t wait. The completion date is January 5. It seems like an eternity. Until then, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing.

Full costume concept