Saturday, August 19, 2006

Can You Make a Difference?

Liberty for all!

I’ve been looking at the online real life superhero community for a while now. Tonight I talked to a member called Superhero over the phone. The name pretty much says it all. He is out there, in costume, patrolling, with police … well, not sanction, but at least tolerance … It was a great chat. Fired so many thoughts. What would it be like to apply my persona to the real world.

This is actually a possibility. The Guardian Angels … I’ve chatted with them … to many politics already. Too much structure. What if I want to help in my way? Neighborhood Watch? Well, truthfully, I’ve always kind of done that. I can’t help it. Driving down the road, my eye naturally wanders to broken down cars, people who might need a hand. I circle back to kids who seem to be arguing, husbands yelling at their wives or, worse, their kids. So sad. So, that’s just me. How could I bring that perspective to others. Superhero seems to be doing a great job. He is open, friendly, wears a cape. Life imitates art. I love it.