Wednesday, August 23, 2006

First "Official" Patrol

Phoenix Nights

I went on my first “official patrol” tonight. I must say official as its really something I’ve always done naturally. Now, I just have something to call it. Ever since high school, I’ve driven around, checking things out, stopping if there was a situation. I’ve always been out there. It just never had a name. Now it does and I do. Citizen Prime. The first of many primed citizens to come. Go ahead. Laugh! You have to laugh. Its fun. Even patrolling is a blast. I have no idea where to go, what to do or where needs “patrolling.” Its just fun driving around, stopping, walking for a bit, back in the car, etc.. Just making sure things were as they should be, at least appeared that way.

It gives you time to think. Its very meditative … eye opening. I’ve always been told I was fairly empathic. Many times, sitting in the airport, I watch people and look just behind there eyes and try to see who they are. Abraham Lincoln said every man (and I’ll assume woman) is responsible for the look of their face after 40. What I think he meant by that is, the way we carry ourselves, the things we do, they … inhabit … us and make us who we are. They make us what we look like. I thing that’s true. Or true enough to see what’s behind the masks people wear in public.

When on patrol, driving past people who think they are alone, you don’t get that mask effect as much. You see another level … sometimes …. behind the mask. I mean its just them on the street, right? No one else is watching. Right? There are a lot of people in need on the street. A lot of sad people. A lot of disconnectedness. Presumably a lot of sick people, too. I heard 80% of the homeless population was mentally ill. So, I’ll be out here. I’m not going to climb up a building and jump down on crack dealers. That’s not what I’m about. I’ll watch and help, as I can, for now. Eventually, I want to make a real difference. What’s the biggest and best way to do it though. That’s the question. Regardless, tonight was fun.