Sunday, August 13, 2006

Prime: Introduction


This is a work somewhere between dizzying hyperbole and rampant reality. It will consist only of real elements of my life, however, I choose not to distinguish between mundane and fantastical. For those who "get it", this will be a view of the world that should be, according to me. For those who don't, this will be full of ... barely believable facts and must-be-whoppers.

What is to be gained from observing / listening / watching / reading such a holistic view of reality? Well, perhaps you can start to see how your flesh & bones, paycheck & paid bills, and politics & parties can fuse with vision & imagination, legend & myth and the quasi & psuedo. Maybe you can start to look beyond the pink - phone - last - movie - jerk - at - work - hot - girl - cute - guy - nice - pants - reality - show - hate - Bush - love - Wendy's view of life and -- wait! -- don't throw any of those babies out with their bathwater - pour them into your real life. The real life that exists just beyond your tongue because you don't dare say it and just beyond your eyes, as you've lost the ability to see it when someone your trusted said, 'Time to grow up.' And perhaps you were even the hachetman, cutting away someone's lives because you couldn't see them as they did; maybe you told someone what is real and what is not and thought you were right (don't worry, all will be forgiven later).

So, what is to be gained from this? For now, suffice to say, we have many lives. Right here. Right now. Respect your brain, heart and soul like you do your body and let them live out their destinies. Free your mind, Neo. Live the lives you were meant to live and I'll be your Primer by documenting mine.