Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How Would You Become a Hero?


Its amazing that after referencing real people doing hero work, after doing more research, I discover that people are actually walking the streets patrolling, keep crime at bay. Its later than I thought! The hero revolution has already begun and I’m late! So what ways would someone take to become a crime fighter?

Who Wants to Be a Superhero. Twelve joe-schmoes put on costumes and compete in contests of super hero character tests; bravery, self-sacrifice, etc. So one avenue would be join the show and insist you are a real superhero. That would definitely be a twist. After the show, win or lose, leverage the show to become a “name” and off you go. Bonus: If you win, they make a comic out of you. Life and art mesh …

Of course, heading to the streets, full regalia, is an option although there is no … how shall we say it … quality control. Any fanboy ... and lets face it, they would be the first out there on the street. No Batman, no Captain America, even Doughboy would be a vast improvement over what most these idealistic, reality challenged youth would be. So, what to do? Well, setting up an Assembly of Heroes would be the best bet. You could implement training, a headquarters of sorts, and have association with other groups. Most important among them, law enforcement agencies.

Remember, those who take crime fighting as a street hero seriously, should take training just as seriously. Use of force, criminal law, communications and other areas of law enforcement should be seriously studied under professional tutelage. Not to mention hand-to-hand street fighting.