Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just an ironic thought... Rappers like 50 Cents and Ice T have been using nicknames for decades without so much as a casual mention of their real names, yet the new Real Life Super Heroes are often called into question as to why they choose names that, in reality, often have more meaning than just a cool nickname for the front of their grill.

In fact, thinking about it a little further, pilots have been using Call Signs with similar effect for many more years that represents who they are. So, where is this going? Well, I’ve thought for a long time that we should r
eally embrace these names we find for ourselves later in life. And a reminder to find a name that fits who you want to be. Superheroes use them to announce what they are or stand for. Captain America. Dare Devil. Dr. Fate. I say we take the same care to pick a name that makes us stand up for what we want and tells the world who we are.

So, my given name is James but that’s only because my grandfather’s name was James. It represents who I am as much as Hank or Steve or Jeff. Yet, there is it. I’m James, or Jim if you will.

The real question we should all ask ourselves is, “Who do I want to be?” K, I’ll start. Although I’m often far from it, I’d like to be a good role model for people, as opposed to the other nickname using members of our society, such as Snoop Dogg or Biggy. Okay, okay … I’ll admit Snoop has come a long way since becoming a dad.

So, I say we all embrace our Call Signs as who we want to be. It’s a constant reminder to be our best selves and a constant challenge to live up to those names.

Hello. My name is Citizen Prime. What’s yours?