Monday, July 7, 2008


Finally! We are holding auditions this Saturday at Millcreek Recreational Center located at 2230 Evergreen Ave, Salt Lake City, UT 84109 at 1:00 pm.. With so much going on over the last three months, its good to know we are still able to move forward with this heroic endevour.

For those interested in auditioning, come on down and be prepared to read from our Kid Heroes script as well as perform in a number of improvs. We're not only looking for actors with lots of theatrical and musical range but people who are capable of some physical training and minor stunt work. Age wise, we're looking for actors between the ages of 18-30-ish as the actors will be performing "Kid Hero" roles.

Some people have asked what's the difference between this program and a typical Kid Safety program. Its a good question and the answers lies in the principles of Light. Imagine you're in a dark room. What do you see? Nothing, right. Or more exactly - darkness. Now ... turn on the light. Boom! Notice how darkness has no choice but to flee to the far edges. We think this principle applies to people, as well.

More to the point, Kid Heroes infuses kids with positive values and, in turn, banishes the dark enfluences around them. It actually works for adults too, but we're focusing on the kids in this program.
Kid Heroes incorporates Helping Others, Encouraging Others, Respecting all people, Obeying the Laws of the Land, Enthusiam for Your Goals, and Speaking Up! We do talk about how to handle bullies, but we think you can make them part of the solution. Crazy, uh? Well, come see for yourself. Its the positive pychology that makes it a home run.

So if you're interested in seeing how this all works, leave a comment or, better yet, head down to the auditions. Maybe you're the hero we're looking for.

Until next time - Stay Strong and Stay Heroes!