Sunday, June 29, 2008

What is The League of Citizen Heroes

Many people have asks what is the basis for The League of Citizen Heroes. To this end, we have started a blog and we'll do our best to answer your questions. Starting with the very basics which will be this post. Enjoy!

The League of Citizen Heroes (LOCH) has developed an exciting and positive approach to community involvement centered around the inspiration and ideals of superheroes! Superheroes are instrumental in our story telling, and our view of right and wrong. They have infused their reality into our cultural mindset. LOCH is the next step in this evolution and breaks the comic barrier, bringing heroism to the street in the form of programs geared around the concept of super heroic service. The programs created by LOCH are impactful, wide-ranging and a lot of fun to be involved with. LOCH’s three basic principles translate directly into our grassroots programs.

First, we believe all people have the Heart of a Hero if allowed to show it. This principle is the cornerstone of all Citizen Heroes programs. All our projects are driven primarily from this simple concept, and the more we know, the more we are sure this is true.

Second, we think communities should help police themselves in a responsible and affirmative fashion. We take this principle to the streets with one of our programs, The Citizen Watch, our community policing effort. The Citizen Watch is the next advancement in a watch program. It differentiates itself by the unique access to social networking and community awareness resources, such as promoting block parties, having web access to your local Citizen Watch logs, etc...

Third, we believe children need positive role models rooted in their areas of interests. Our Kid Heroes program capitalizes upon our unique position by demonstrating the “right thing to do” using real life super heroes! Kid Heroes hits schools and community programs with assemblies showing kids the great benefits to living with the Heart of a Hero everyday. Every group of Kid Heroes consists of four to six actors and a genuine, inspirational superhero.

And to bring it all together, we have a social organization within LOCH. We call it Company C. Company C brings block parties, social engagements, and community opportunities to each and every program in a way that amplifies its affect. Citizen Watch programs receive organizational help to assemble block parties. Citizen Heroes can meet and swap stories at one of our Citizen Hero get-togethers. Kid Heroes can participate in fund raisers and other opportunities to show their Heart of a Hero.

One of the keys to the excitement surrounding LOCH is Citizen Prime – LOCH’s unique real life superhero. He represents you, me, and every good citizen. His armor, mask and cape help us identify the Heart of a Hero within ourselves. As a super heroic presence Citizen Prime, along with The League of Citizen Heroes, makes the world a more colorful, exciting place to live.
Another way LOCH is different form your standard non profit is LOCH is very in tune with the ideas and proposals of its members. Programs are being established involving our Citizen Hero’s own unique talents and interests. One example is fictional webisodes and graphic novels. These are based on an alternate “Prime-Verse” where Citizen Prime and his allies have real super powers!

All our LOCH programs are freely available to anyone who feels they might have The Heart of a Hero. To date, no other organization has created such a fun and inspirational way to get people of all ages involved in volunteerism. Although, superheroes are uniquely American in origin, they have spread across the world and inspired millions of people through books, movies and radio. Finally, superheroes have broken the comic barrier and we can use their inspiration to identify the Citizen Heroes among us.