Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Citizen's Watch Program

The League of Citizen Heroes (LOCH), is dedicated to helping people of all ages be the heroes in their own lives through three foundational principles. First, we believe all people have the Heart of a Hero if allowed to show it. Second, we think communities should help police themselves in a responsible and affirmative fashion. And third, we believe children need positive role models rooted in their areas of interests. All of our energies are aimed at priming people to fulfill these goals for the liberty and happiness of their families, their friends and their communities.
The Citizen Watch (Reach out, Inform and Remain Present): LOCH recognizing that community policing programs out currently in our neighborhoods and we respect and honor those inspiring programs.

The Citizen’s Watch is a like minded program with one differentiator: we bring the fun in.

Part of LOCH’s philosophy is that communities that play together, stay together and The Citizen Watch brings communities together both in real life and in the virtual world.

Besides a patrol schedule and cooperating with our local law enforcement agencies, we hold get together and block parties, creating a synergy of good will. The Citizen Watch utilizes that good will to reach out, connect, and be there for each other. Some of our projects include supporting logistics at public events, personalized community watch programs, self defense and personal awareness seminars and seeking out everyday folks who need a little help.