Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kid Heroes!

The League of Citizen Heroes (LOCH), is dedicated to helping people of all ages be the heroes in their own lives through three foundational principles. First, we believe all people have the Heart of a Hero if allowed to show it. Second, we think communities should help police themselves in a responsible and affirmative fashion. And third, we believe children need positive role models rooted in their areas of interests. All of our energies are aimed at priming people to fulfill these goals for the liberty and happiness of their families, their friends and their communities.

Kid Heroes (Finding the hero inside): With so many negative values and choices in the world competing for our kid’s attention, LOCH thinks it is vitally important to encourage an enthusiasm and excitement for true heroism in the hearts and minds of our future generations.

We are engaged in passing on those heroic ideals that made this country great through Kid Heroes assemblies and visits. Kid Heroes takes the fun and energy of superheroes and brings that to kids with a real life superhero, Citizen Prime! Citizen Prime stands for courage, good citizenship, and always having hope. His message is to inspire those qualities in every child.

We all know that our kids are naturally drawn to the exciting fiction of their favorite superheroes. LOCH takes that super-enthusiasm and applies it to school and community assemblies that help present choices and deeds that are in line with a heroic heart and mind.