Monday, November 24, 2008

Mormon Pot Calling the Gay Kettle Black

I stand on the side of "Don't Tread on Me" in most idealistic battles. This plays into religion, politics, culture, etc. And I hate to jump on the band wagon just because I like the music but, now that the dust has settled, I feel its a good time to say why I think we should let people marry whoever they want and then everyone (and I mean everyone) needs to quit throwing tantrums.

Its ironic, as this country was built on escaping religion oppression and we still seem stuck in pressing our own religious minutia on the whole of society. Coming from a semi-Mormon background (I no longer consider myself Mormon), I understand the issue for the religious objectors. They think the sacred institution would become less sacred if a non man/woman couple were allowed to enter into that covenant. I get it. I actually try to explain to people why they want it to be law. Yet, despite all my defense of their views, personally, I find it short sighted to press any group with my convictions. Furthermore, I find it extremely odd Mormons do, as the Mormon church was the object of so much oppression from marital freedom in years past.

Now, as I say this, its important to state, no group or person should make their point with vandalism or proactive violence over anything. I dare say most straight and gay people would agree with me. I find it sad (not to mention counter productive) a few crack pots are disabusing church houses and the like because they did not like the outcome of a political battle. And they are making their particular side look juvenile and embarrassing. Look folks, if you love the person you are with, whatever the law is, focus on that and stop all the hating. Sure, fight for your causes but don't mistake hate tactics with fighting the good fight. Its not the same thing and its not right.

So, what do I think? I think any group of consenting adults should be able to obtain legal rights equal to any other group in similar circumstances. So in short, I support gay marriage. I would also support a Mormon's right to polygamy (remember, as long as all parties were consenting adults - very important detail). Why should I hold an opinion opposed to anyone getting hitched in accordance with their beliefs. That is what religious freedom means, I think.

Hey, want to hear a really crazy opinion? I think if three or four or five people all want to marry each other, as long as they are adults of sound mind, they should be able to lead the life they want. And shouldn't my Mormon friends agree with me? Its state opposition to their out of the ordinary marital preferences that led them to dismantle their "odd marriage rituals" in times gone by. Basically, The State said they couldn't marry who they wanted. Sound familiar?

Look, I have some devoutly religious family and friends. I understand what the religious folks are saying. Yet the term "Pot calling the kettle black," always came to mind as I watched people rally against someone else's "odd" marriage preferences. I guess its just funny how looking at something differently can change your perspective on things. I suggest everyone put those two ideas in contrast and see what you make of it. Far be it from me to tell you what to think. Just thought I'd connect some dots for you.