Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ground Breaking Week for Kid Heroes!

Kid Heroes had a very exciting week! We performed Kid Heroes for educators and law enforcement alike at a The Power of Prevention Conference last November 5th. We are teaming up with a national program called Be a HERO. Be a HERO will launch into schools this coming year and Kid Heroes we be helping each school catch the vision by kicking things off with a bang.

Show went well. Even presented to a bunch of adults (some of them armed!) it was a lot of fun for everyone! We’ll have a dedicated Kid Heroes site up the next couple of days. Things are moving along nicely.

This coming week, we’re having a Family and Friends Showcase performance on Thursday. We’ll try to videotape some highlights and post some on the site. Invite is included below just for fun.

Great things are happening! We hope to be able to bring the show to every school that has an interest. As a reminder, this is a not-for-profit production so schools don’t have to worry about shelling out a lot of money to have Kid Heroes in their school.

Gooooooo, Kid Heroes!