Saturday, November 8, 2008

Level II

Been taking Krav Maga for a few months now (previously a practitioner of Kajukenbo and Ninjitsu) and took my Level I test today. If there was ever a martial art created for the American notion of super heroes, I think it would be Krav.

Just tested out of Level I. The test was pretty exhausting. The highlight of forty minutes of intense cardio was a toss up between sprinting to one end of the parking lot. jogging to the other corner and sprinting back and then doing these burpee-frog-leap things from hell up the hill for 50 yards - twice. And carrying a person on your back and running to every parking spot in a row and doing five squats and then running back before going onto the next one (about 10 slots in all).

Over the course of the test, three people threw up and I split a guy's lip (by accident of course).

Anyway, I passed (yay me). I am now a level II Krav Maga practioner.