Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Calling all Kid heroes! We are on our way. We've gathered four brave heroes to help show kids the heroic values we hope will carry them through their lives.

The show is going to be much more than we could have asked for. With professional Krav Maga team SwitchKicks helping with the Jackie Chan style combat scenes and professional artist Garrick Dean involved, we know this program is going to take off.

We are already booked out for the 5th of November to perform for the Mayor of Salt Lake, the Granite School District superintendent, the Attorney General and many other local dignitaries. We are hoping to integrate further into the Granite District curriculum so more on that later, but very exciting stuff!

We are also booked into a Central City Kids Halloween Carnival. We only see this growing from here. With so much going on, its nice to see some real movement starting to take place on some of our programs.

The neat thing about Kid heroes is the way in which the kids engage with Citizen Prime and the other Superheroes on stage. the show is interactive and no two performances are every going to be the same.

More later. Just wanted to give everyone a quick update on the Kid Heroes front.