Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Will people never learn? And by that I mean me as well as the criminally minded. Let me explain. The X-Terra got broken into last night. It was sitting in the driveway in our safe neighborhood and some girl opened the door and stole my wallet. I need to learn to do the simple things. Like have Traci and I lock the doors. And not leave my wallet in the car after Krav class (a bad habit that earned me a lesson).

Now, the funny thing is, I'm pretty sure we're going to catch the thief. I already saw her on video. See, she ran to the nearest 7-11 and filled up her tank then walked inside to use the bathroom - great lighting at the 7-11 counter for that identifying video. She then bought $140 bucks of groceries at WalMart (there are camera's everywhere at WalMart!). Smart girl ...

Now, near as I can figure she broke in at 6:00 am. I get up at 6:45 and noticed. I immediately called all the credit cards and got locations where they were used. I called the police and told them I'd help track her down. They sad fine. I went to the locations and got video of the times the card was swiped. All said and done, an hour after she took my wallet, she was shut down, videotaped, and her car is now on the police watch list (we have not got a plate yet, but the police are running the video through their software and they sound optimistic.

So for $85 bucks of gas and $140 dollars of groceries this girl (yea, it was a perfectly nice looking girl) is going into a world of hurt. It just ain't worth it, guys. It just ain't. And God forbid you steal from someone like me who will spare no expense tracking you down. Please. Learn. Be smart. Sigh .... sometimes I feel like a broken record.