Monday, August 18, 2008

The First Person Citizen Prime primed ...

We're doing BlogTalkRadio again and it’s a lot of fun. Its especially entertaining to be “on air” with my beautiful wife, Tibcat. Last night we were talking about something that stuck with me throughout the day. I said a while ago, ‘The first person Citizen Prime primed was me!” and it was brought up again last night.

Through the last few years I’ve seen a number of things happen in this area of pro-social activity. With the costumed lot, I see a lot of potential. The best part of them/us are rational, intelligent people adopting their higher selves. And that’s what I’m talking about here.

I had a conversation with a young RLSH from England a bit ago and shared the secret to making this really work for you. Here is the gist. You have to be willing to become the hero in your own life. You must always be in the heroic mindset. It doesn’t work long term if you are professing to live by a higher law and somehow … don’t. From simple things, like public intoxication (the embarrassing kind) to threatening people you disagree with. We’re all normal people and the line between hero and non hero is a moral one. If you cross over, its difficult to cross back with the same credibility you once had. And that's why, even in the costumed community, unfortunately, not everyone is ready to be called Real Life Super Hero.

For me (if I may talk in third person) I thank god for Citizen Prime. While I’ve always tried to be good to other people, nothing keeps me as focused and motivated to being the best person I can be than knowing I have to face people, look them in the eye, and tell them to find the hero inside themselves. How could I do that if I didn't think I strove for that myself.

Being labeled a Real Life Super hero doesn't mean you are stronger, better, faster or smarter than other human beings, as being a comic book super hero does. Being called an RLSH is a mandate to live as strong and as good as people should live. Its being the best you can possibly be. Its being that person than if something looked down on the human race from afar and needed a reason not to blow us all to Kingdom Come, they might see you and go, "Humans do have goodness and nobility. Maybe we'll spare them for one more day." And who knows? Could be Someone is looking down ... possibly making that decision ... and, just maybe, they're basing their judgement on you.
Stay strong and stay heroes,