Sunday, July 22, 2007

Citizen Prime Time! - Sunday, July 22, 2007 10:30 PM

www.blogtalkradio.comTonight was the first show for Citizen Prime Time! and additionally for WHO Speaks!. Chris also has a show called The Chris Guardian Show.

I'll say it right out - this is a great concept. The Blog Talk Radio idea allows us to get out to pepople who are interested. Its very much to idea sharing what podcasts are to music and media sharing. Its allowing people to hear what they want and I think that's great.

Tonight's Show:

Tonight we introduced the concept of Citizen Prime to listeners who might not know about me. Some of my old Real LIfe Super Hero allies called in and showed their support, which was phenomenal.

Chris Guardian called in and we discussed some of the great aspirations of Worldwide Heroes Organization (WHO) and hopefully tthat gave people some food for thought and a place to go to connect with people trying to do good tings.

We discussed some real heroes out there and gave some guidance as to where people can go to learn more about real world heroes, such as

We discussed a number of things regluar, everyday citizens can do to be more heroic in their daily lives, such as look for opportunities to help people in need.

All in all, the inagural show went well. I'm excited that people are interested in celebrating the heroic. We'll definitely celebrate it with them as long as they'd like. A toast ... to heroes the world over!