Saturday, February 3, 2007

We Did It!

Comic Cover

Mike and I had a mutual admiration contest on the phone tonight. We chatted about the film and how effortlessly (see, once again) everything came together. Tangent: This might be a little hindsight as we actually worked very hard putting it together, but things synergized together creating a greater whole than we provided parts. Maybe that is the life lesson here. Work as hard as you can as life gives you lead and there is no telling what you can accomplish.

The script and the editing fit together perfectly. My biggest fear is that the actual story of what he can do would be lost. I mean, I know it so well, is that blinding me to everyone else going, “What the hell?” Mike, my wife, and everyone who has seen it so far assures me this is not the case. Sidenote: Its very sad seeing my own narcissism in this way! I know its not actually perfect, but it looks that way to me. Kind of like a baby. You are just kind of adoring toward this new creation. You can watch it over and again while others grew bored with it long ago.

I’m going to auditions this weekend so I’m glad it all came together in time. It was kind of down to the wire, at that.

Mike and his partner Steve said this was the most exciting thing to come through Savage Pictures in a long time. Regardless of what happens with the show, they want to co produce webisodes of the character. Hey, I’m all for that. Of course, we have to see what happens with the show, but either way, I’m sure we can work out a plan. Very exciting stuff.