Monday, December 22, 2008

The Rest of the Story

I drove down the Phoenix last weekend for a very special purpose. To get back what was taken from me, at lest in part. If you remember when our house was broken into this time last year, you'll know the police managed to catch the thieves. Last month, the case was closed. The male burg suspect got 19 years in prison. His female accomplice got a little less. It still makes me shale my head how people think this is a good way ot make a living. Have fun in prison.

We headed down to Phoenix to retrieve what we could from evidence. We found a number of things, most of them fairly worthless. What we really headed down for was to see if our Sony SmartStick with 1500 pictures of our wedding and honeymoon pictures on it, was recovered. Alas, no luck. I'm almost starting to think the universe wanted those pictures gone. We backed them up on two computers. Both computers failed and the memory stick was stolen. Hmmm ... makes you think.

At any rate, we had an interesting trip. We stopped through Vegas to observe the worst snow storm in 35 years. Kind of a historic moment to be there. All in all, it was a good trip. We provided some closure and saw justice done. Its nice when you can work with the authorities and see the bad guys get what they deserve. It should be publicized more. Maybe people will stop being so dumb. Hey, its worth a shot.